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The American Kennel Club is arguably the preeminent purebred dog club in the US. National Competitions such as Westminster Kennel Club dog show and the Eukanuba National Championship is sponsored by the AKC and showcases the top dogs in the country and the world. The AKC offers a variety of venues in which to compete with your purebred dog from Conformation to Obedience, Rally, Tracking, Agility, Herding among others. They have even begun a competitive venue for mixed breed dogs so that everyone who loves dogs can compete. Shelly and his staff have extensive experience training for these events, so if you are interested in “going further” with your dog, they can help. Some students of Shelly’s have gone on to compete in and win titles on a National level in such prestigious shows as Westminster Kennel Club dog show in New York City.


There are also other nation-wide kennel clubs, as well as breed-specific clubs, that offer conformation and performance events. United Kennel Club, International All Breed Canine Association are just a few all-breed registries that offer events and titles, and most breed clubs offer performance events just for their breed, such as field trials for hunting and sporting dogs, draft titles for some of the working breeds, etc.

If you are interested in training and competing in any of these venues, Shelly and his staff can carefully recreate the trial environment, testing the skill level your dog is currently at, and develop a lesson plan to bring that dog (and their human) to trial-ready level to ensure success in even the most challenging trial situation.

Crafted by Madwell