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Custom Training

At Shelly’s School for Dogs we offer a variety of Custom Dog Training options. With experience in everything from training show and performance dogs to teaching professional canine performers for film and print media, Shelly and his team are experts at developing advanced training programs for even the most specialized needs.

The Custom Dog Training programs cover a variety of situations – everything from having your dog retrieve the morning paper to dogs who assist the handicapped as Service Animals. For those dogs who are high-energy and highly intelligent, trick-training is not only fun to show off the your “super-dog” to friends, but provides a needed energy outlet for the dog, resulting in a well-rounded and enriched canine companion. In some cases a family member may be diagnosed with an illness whose symptoms can be effectively mitigated by the use of a Service Dog – Shelly’s experienced staff can evaluate the dog’s aptitude for work and develop a training program to fulfill the family’s needs.

Special Applications

Special Applications training takes Custom Dog Training that one step further: training a dog to work in a highly specialized, unusual working environment. This training applies to dogs used in film and other media, where they have to perform complex specific tasks on a “mark” while surrounded by highly distracting circumstances from crowds of people to other animals. If you are already a performer or other professional who could benefit from having your dog work with you than the Special Applications Training Program is for you.

One of our most recent Special Applications graduates is Golden Retriever “Derby,” the official “bat dog” for the New York Yankees’ farm team The Trenton Thunder. Like Chase “ The Golden Thunder,” his father and predecessor, Derby retrieves bats and balls during Trenton Thunder home games and brings them right back to the dugout. Carefully trained to pick-up equipment with the gentlest touch, Derby never leaves a single tooth-mark on any of the bats, balls, baskets, or frisbees he retrieves. He has been featured in media outlets ranging from CNN to Japanese television, and Derby is loved as much by our training staff as he is by Thunder fans everywhere. If you have the chance to visit a Trenton Thunder Game, tell Derby we miss him.

Crafted by Madwell