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Doggy Day School

Doggy Day School is a daily dog training program for your dog designed to provide a maximum amount of learning while allowing your pet to spend evenings and weekends at home. No more problem behaviors in your home during the day – you just drop your dog off in the morning, at any time convenient to you, and then pick them up again in the afternoon, whenever you get the chance. During the day your dog will be walked and worked throughout – generally every hour – and a wonderful, trusting rapport is built between the dog and trainer. Problem behaviors like house-soiling, excessive barking and destructive or dangerous behaviors, like bolting out a door, are easily addressed by the patient and loving staff at Shelly’s. Most basic obedience training programs last about a month – though this is dependent on each dog’s specific abilities, and what the owner’s goals are when it comes to the graduated dog. Obedience goals, behavioral problems and breed-specific needs are taken into consideration while developing a lesson plan. Training time varies by dog, and we’re happy to discuss timeline with you before getting started.

When your dog graduates at the end of their day school program, private lessons are given to catch the family up to the dog’s new level of education and how to properly maintain the positive behaviors in their home, as well as addressing how to eliminate any negative behaviors they may encounter. These lessons continue until everyone in the family is comfortable handling and working the dog. Because the instructors at Shelly’s School for Dogs focus primarily on positive reinforcement, praise, and occasionally treats, are used to make obedience “fun” and very rewarding for the dog. This is all part of Shelly’s commitment to making man’s best friend better, and to impart respect for the relationship between dogs and their owners.

Tailored to Your Schedule

Enrolling your dog in Doggy Day School is very simple. Click here for an evaluation. Once your dog is in the program, arranging drop-off and pick-up times is solely at your convenience. Regardless of your work schedule, the staff at Shelly’s is happy to make your time requirements work. And because the program is all about positive reinforcement, your dog will look forward to school every day, as well as being happily tired at the end of the day from all their lessons.

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