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Drug and Explosives Training

For more than 30 years Shelly has been selecting, importing, and training service and working dogs to detect drugs and explosives for both private and public institutions. In 1988 he founded Drug Detection, Inc., and became the first person allowed in New Jersey Public Schools to sniff out drugs. His canine drug & explosive detection clients have included a multitude of law enforcement agencies and private corporations such as Philadelphia Electric and JCP&L. Shelly and his team also offer extensive handler training, equipping law enforcement professionals with the necessary skills to ensure success in everything from sweeping facilities for potential threats to carefully searching vehicles for illegal narcotics.

Decades of Law Enforcement Experience

Shelly has become a valuable resource in supplying Municipal and Federal government agencies with German Shepherds, Malinois, Labradors, and a variety of other breeds to detect substances varying from heroin to dynamite to nitrates. Shelly and his team have helped law enforcement agencies around the country looking to expand, or in many cases develop, a K-9 unit, having trained dozens of working dogs for active duty with skill sets ranging from patrol & protection K-9 officers to dogs equipped with the necessary skills to perform complex scent tracking and identification. Some of our past law enforcement clients include the Freehold Borough Police Department, Freehold Sheriff’s Department, Tinton Falls Police Department, Long Branch Police Department, and the Wall Township Police Department.

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