Fighting Obesity

Some quick tips to keep your dog satisfied and healthy.

-Compiled by the SSFD Team

5 Tips to Fight Canine Obesity

  1. 1.)Read the labels. Learn what’s in your dog’s food. Some food is high in fat (and tastier) but provides less nutrition and is markedly less filling (leaving your dog craving more). Select food that’s high in fiber and protein. Instead of making a sudden change to new food, work it in gradually by mixing it in with the food that your dog is accustomed to.
  2. 2.)Pay attention to portion size. The recommended amount of “scoops” on the label is often more than what vets recommend. Check with your vet to determine the most appropriate portion size for your dog.
  3. 3.)Buy healthy treats. Try not to spoil your dog with high-fat treats, as this can lead to weight gain. Aim to feed your pet healthier treats, like pieces of fruit or Milkbones (in moderation of course). Save the fatty treats for special moments.
  4. 4.)Maintain a feeding schedule. Try to feed your dog at the same time every day, and figure out the most optimal schedule, based on both your needs and your pet’s. Following a regular feeding schedule will help your dog eat less.
  5. 5.)Take your dog out regularly. Make sure that your dog gets a healthy amount of exercise each day. If you know in advance that you’re going to be busy, hire someone else to walk your dog. Try to vary the physical activity - even an indoor game of “fetch” will help keep your dog in shape.

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