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The Groom Room

Staffed by experts in dog beauty, The Groom Room provides you the opportunity to pamper your pets! And after all, don’ t pets deserve to relax as much as we do? Serving Monmouth and Middlesex Counties as well as the WORLD, your pet will never look more beautiful. Whether your dog just needs a bath, or a full clip and scissor – The Groom Room is the place. All products are hypo-allergenic and gentle on the skin. Each pet is rinsed and cut by hand for a personal touch.

Proper grooming can help you spot health issues that might not be obvious, such as skin problems, over- shedding, and ticks. At the Groom Room, we pay special attention to your dog’ s coat, skin, eyes, ears, nails and teeth. We always take care to clean thoroughly and gently, ensuring that your dog is comfortable and happy throughout the grooming process. At the Groom Room, we understand that keeping your dog clean is an essential part of keeping him healthy.

Every dog deserves a good bath...

That’ s why we wash your pet by hand, using high quality hypo-allergenic products. At the Groom Room, we offer a personal caring experience for your dog, making sure that he stays calm and relaxed during the grooming process. Our professional staff pays careful attention to the individual needs of your dog, all while ensuring that he gets as thorough a cleaning as possible.

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