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Private Obedience Classes

Private Obedience Classes are a one-on-one, personalized dog training program designed for the specific needs of you and your dog. As with the other training programs offered here at Shelly’s, Private Obedience Classes start with an evaluation of the dog’s temperament and aptitude, as well as a discussion of what your family’s needs and goals are. From there, a detailed lesson plan is developed and training starts. Most sessions last an hour, a personal lesson with Shelly or one of his highly skilled trainers, during which the owner (and any family members present to observe) learn a variety of skills and techniques enabling them to train their own dog. Careful supervision ensures that both the dog and owner learn the necessary “language” and behaviors, resulting in flawless communication and an improved emotional bond. These sessions are especially helpful for those wishing to go further and compete in Obedience events offered by the major kennel club registries here in the U.S. If you're interested in competing in major dog obedience trials, don't hesitate to reach out to Shelly and his team. They're happy to assist in every way they can (and that's a lot of ways!).

Oh, we'll train you too

To be truly successful training your dog, every handler needs correct and careful instruction on the techniques used to make sure their dog is absolutely flawless – or “bomb-proof” in dog professional vernacular. Your dog needs to be able to cope with any and all outside distractions and still perform reliably, and in the case of those seeking to earn competitive Obedience titles, the handler needs instruction on how to be successful in the ring (i.e. no “handler help” or cheating!). With the years of competitive dog sport experience Shelly and his staff have earned, they are highly qualified to guide students in this arena, and have seen many of their students go on to earn titles in various dog sport venues – some even on a National and International level.

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