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Protection Training

Shelly Leibowitz has been training personal protection dogs and family guardians for over 30 years. Shelly and his team are interested only in matching the appropriate guardian with the appropriate family. To that end we carefully select the perfect breeds and temperaments from all over the world for our Clients. While we import dogs for a variety of purposes, our protection and guard dog training has been honed over decades to ensure our guard dogs listen to your every command, and display aggression ONLY in the face of a threat. Since we coordinate selection and, when necessary, importation, we’ re able to cut-out the middleman and keep our prices affordable. All training is done at our private protection facility.

Pedigrees and bloodlines are certainly important, as they denote expected characteristics of a particular guardian. Accordingly, our team works tirelessly at ensuring our trained protection canines are perfect for the whole family, from the youngest of children to the oldest patriarch, by carefully working each dog and personally getting to know both the dogs family history and the family he’ ll be joining.

True Family Guardians

A true family guardian is a guard dog that becomes an integral part of the family, able to play with the kids, lay at the feet of the parents, and alert the family to any on-property irregular activity. A high-quality guard dog can be caring, cuddly, and irreplaceable to the family he loves, while protective of said family. Our guard dogs are trained to refrain from aggression or menace to all but those who clearly represent a threat.

Over the years Shelly has trained protection dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds. Some have defended marquis clients like the Rolling Stones, and others that have become truly part of the family for our Clients, protecting the family with the kind of commitment only man’ s best friend can embody. At the moment we offer custom guardian/guard dog selection, importation, and training. If you’ re looking for a spectacular family guardian, look no further.

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