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You've gotten a new puppy, now what do you do? Call Shelly! Puppies, like human youngsters, are little “sponges” when it comes to learning. They just soak up the lessons and fun, and are at an age when it's possible to mold them into the perfect dog. Because of this, it’s important to get them started as soon as possible—8 weeks is the ideal age to get them training and the best time to go ahead and get them enrolled in a training program at Shelly’s School for Dogs. In many respects, puppies are a “clean slate” just waiting to develop into the perfect dog – they simply need the right guidance and education. Like adult dogs, every puppy is a unique individual, so their training programs must be tailored to their specific personality traits. Often breed differences, such as their future size, will affect a puppy's development. For example, small dogs generally mature faster than large dogs.

Once your puppy is evaluated a specialized puppy training program will be designed. As Shelly’s training programs are all based in positive motivation, the puppy thinks they are playing, not working, and it becomes a fun way for the puppy to interact with both the trainer and his or her owners. Typical puppy “problems” like chewing while teething are addressed, with the focus on preventing future behavioral issues by instilling good habits and behavior in the puppy as they mature into an adult dog. Puppies learn how to communicate with and please their owners as well as have excellent house and social manners, eventually growing into a wonderful companion that is a pleasure to have around.

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