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Training Philosophy

After so many years of experience, Shelly's School for Dogs has developed an innovative and comprehensive "whole dog" approach to dog obedience training.  We call it Control-Through-Kindness.  As no two dogs are the same, no two training approaches are the same.  Every dog is treated as an individual, and training is tailored accordingly. Every dog, as well as their family’s goals, is individually evaluated (click here for a free evaluation) and a training program is specifically designed for that dog. Obedience goals, behavioral problems and breed-specific needs are taken into consideration while developing a lesson plan.

The difference is in our commitment to kindness. Shelly’s training programs are all based on positive reinforcement - as Shelly says: “You get more with honey.” To praise a dog for what they do right is much more effective than to punish them for an error. Most dogs want nothing more than to please their people, and most people don’t know how to communicate their wishes to their dog. So Shelly helps teach the dog what humans want, and teach humans how to communicate with their dog in a way their dog can understand. The goal is to improve the relationship between dog and owner – to make your dog become a more pleasant, active, and enjoyable family member. Here at Shelly’s, we make man’s best friend better. That’s our promise.


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